Sidewalk Style: Confidently Colorblind

We’ve seen Charles on the street before, and he stood out for good reason: expertly tailored clothes and occasional dashes of confident color.

Charles Kimberly, 27
Freelance interpreter

What he’s wearing:
“Everything’s pretty much Ralph Lauren,” he says, and almost all of it is from eBay. (He also lists Filene’s Basement as another spot for snagging steals.) “I get it for a third of the price.” He’s wearing a Purple Label jacket, and his pants, shirt, tie are Polo. His glasses are Prada, the argyle socks are Brooks Brothers, and the shoes are Stubbs & Wooten.

What would you like to add to your closet?
“A light tan-and-black jacket in silk houndstooth from Ralph Lauren.”

What’s in the bags?
“I’m actually taking a bunch of stuff to get tailored. I’ve had some bad experiences at a few tailors here, so I’m just going to the Ralph Lauren store later on today.”

What do you think of style in Washington?
“All of the men are pretty much walking around in all black. I guess I stick out.”

How do you feel about sticking out from all the staid black suits?
“I’m colorblind, so I think that’s where some of the choices come from,” he says, laughing. “But I think it ends up working. And I think DC makes me want to stand out more. I don’t mind at all.”

Rachel says:
Attention, sartorially minded male readership! Any good tailor recommendations for Charles?

Weigh in on Charles’s style!

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