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After more than a month of big sales, it seems that we’ve gotten to that point in the year where mostly odds and ends are left at furniture and decorating stores. So while there are still plenty of discounts out there, the selections are not great. Bring on the new inventory!

If you’re looking for an extra seat that you can hide when the company goes home, check out Wisteria’s Folding Leisure Chair. It’s now 50 percent off, at $114.50.

The summer sale at Gumps is still on, and you lucky dogs with patios and outdoor space can get the Montecito loveseat and lounge chair at a heavy discount. Together, they’re about $1,600. Add a coffee table to that, and you’ll have a second living room under the stars (until it gets unbearably hot outside, that is).

Z Gallery can be hit and miss, but the sheer number of items on sale there now suggest that you’ll be able to find a deal on something you like. The store excels at quirky accent items, such as this $19.99 Giraffe Tray or these cool ’70s highball and lowball glasses, both now $15.96.

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