Video Sidewalk Style: Mad About Joan

In The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke amusingly proclaims, “The ’80s fuckin’ ruled, man . . . ” Fashionwise, Nia Smith and Ed Carter, a couple we spotted in Dupont Circle, couldn’t disagree more.

“I hate the ’80s,” says Smith, who eschews the teased hair, neon colors, and glitter of that decade in favor of a sophisticated look taken right out of the ’60s. AMC’s hit show Mad Men serves as her style inspiration, particularly the chic and body-conscious outfits worn by the Joan Holloway character.

Carter is also a fan of the meticulousness of the era: “The casual of today is very casual,” he says, “whereas the casual of yesterday is a step above—there’s still work that goes into the look. Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t mean you can’t look good.”

Check out our video below to find out what store Smith recommends for a similar look, what the couple thinks about the local fashion scene, and why Michelle Obama’s next fashion trend should be wearing a “No ’80s” T-shirt.

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