Sidewalk Style: Night Vision

This week, we zero in on a couple with great thrift-store date style.

Photograph by Chris Svetlik.

Who: Donna Harati, 21, and Trey Bussey, 22

Where we spotted them: On Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown on a post-dinner stroll.

Your outfits look like there’s a history behind them. Where is everything from?
Donna: “My shirt is from one of those special collections for Target. The umbrella is from Target, too. People have given me a hard time for it because they claim it’s “frou-frou,” but it’s the sturdiest umbrella I’ve ever had. My skirt is from the best thrift store ever in Austin, Texas—they’re all over the place there, so you can find really great stuff at really low prices.”
Trey: “I got the shirt at least seven years ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s from a thrift store in Phoenix.”

And all the accessories?
Donna: “My shoes were 99 cents at a thrift store in Cranks Creek, Kentucky, where I was participating in an ‘alternative spring break’ trip. The bracelets are from all over—I just wear them until they fall off or deteriorate. My bag was my mom’s. She was about to throw it out, I intervened, and I’ve been using it pretty much every day at school for five years now. My mom’s and grandma’s closets are my favorite places to find clothes.”
Trey: “The belt says “Arizona” on the buckle, and it has some nice weaving on the back. My mom gave it to me at the airport when I first left for college—I’m supposed to look down and remember my Southwestern roots.”

You two are adorable—please tell us we’re not the first to notice.
Trey: “My only other fashion accolade was getting “best dressed” in high school, but that was because I decided to wear a tie every day for over a year for absolutely no reason. It was after I got a ton of them from my grandpa, and I have a pretty good collection: striped, paisley, holiday—you name it.”

Any thoughts on how your better half dresses?
Donna: “I like that he doesn’t stress at all about what he wears. He just knows exactly what he likes and what works for him, and he sticks to it.”
Trey: “She wears a lot of cool, colorful floral prints, bracelets, and dangling necklaces and a lot of her mom’s and grandma’s dresses. So I guess that’s vintage. And motherly.”

What’s the best dinner date in DC?
Trey: “Harmony Cafe (3287 M St., NW) in Georgetown. Great, cheap pan-Asian food. There’s a vegetarian version of all the non-vegetarian dishes. And the service is an incredible one-woman show. Nicest woman alive. I also used to joke about taking Donna to Citronelle, especially since the Obamas went there. It’s a bit pricey, but we’re accepting donations if any readers feel so compelled.”

It’s always interesting to see how a couple’s commonalities play out in their wardrobe choices. Donna and Trey have an admirable appreciation of the people and places that have shaped their lives, and it’s fantastic to see them both carry those experiences in their clothing. We also like that they sweetly complement each other without matching—their Southern-infused vintage stands out without shouting in Georgetown, a neighborhood often dominated by J. Crew ensembles.

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