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The Week in Real Estate

A round-up of real-estate news and gossip.

• Plans for the transformation of Capitol Hill’s Hine Junior High School into a mixed-use development featuring restaurant, retail, and office space were announced earlier this week by the mayor. Construction is set to begin in 2011. [Housing Complex]

• Cleveland Park is facing tough times: Eleven of 64 storefronts are empty in the neighborhood. The vacancies have sparked debate among residents and business owners on how to prevent future closings. [WaPo]

• Plans for the conversion of the H Street Connection strip mall in the Atlas District into a mixed-use building with retail and apartment space were discussed at an ANC meeting earlier this week. [Greater Greater Washington]

• Some of the weekend’s best open houses include a two-bedroom in Columbia Heights and another in Logan Circle. [Urban Turf]

• Union Station’s cool-looking bike rack at Massachusetts Avenue and First Street, Northeast, opens October 2. The space will be used for rentals and parking. [DCMetrocentric]

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