Video Sidewalk Style: Safari Season

Our more stylish half is on vacation, but the quest for fashion-savvy individuals continues. This week, we enlisted our intrepid intern/fashion nut, Sarah Zlotnick, and ventured out to the streets of Georgetown. There we spotted Treg Bradley, wearing a military-inspired linen garment complete with epaulets and boot-cut pants. The suit was designed by Bradley himself. “I consider it a safari suit from the ’70s,” he said. The inspiration? Vintage leisure outfits and “one of Bruce Lee’s movies from back in the day.” Obviously.

Bradley, who designs all his pants and shirts, is also the inventor of the Grobal, a self-watering pod for plants that resembles an egg. Check out our video below to find out what he wears to his executive meetings (Mao Zedong is involved) and what the hottest watch is right now.

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