Sidewalk Style: Patchwork Pretty

We couldn’t resist the uncomplicated, cozy fall-weekend look on a local student.

Amelia Salutz, 20
International-politics student, Georgetown University

What she’s wearing: Thrift-store dress from the ’90s, jacket from a Chicago boutique, DSW boots, scarf from Italy, tights she’s “had for ages,” and a thrift bag.

So you seem like a big thrift-store shopper. “I don’t really like the things in the stores that much. I like to sew and do costume design for theater, so I buy things and then adjust them. It’s very economical.”

What’s your favorite thing in your closet? “A 1970s long white Grecian-style gown from Saks that I found in a Chicago Salvation Army. It has silver epaulets on the shoulders. I paid $3 for it, and it had the original tag still on—$300 originally. It’s my prized possession!”

What’s on your winter wish list? “It sounds a little unoriginal, but I’m looking for the perfect pair of gray cable-knit sweater tights. They’re eluding me.”

Where have you had success in the past? “Urban Outfitters has good tights, and I go online to—they have everything. Except, apparently, the perfect cable-knit tights.”

Rachel says: I wish I had red hair sometimes! It’s the ultimate accessory for fall. Amelia’s Anthropologie-like mishmash looks to me like the perfect fall-weekend-in-the-country outfit.

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