Sidewalk Style: Stay-Cool Edition

Over the steamy weekend, we spotted a simple look that beats the heat.

Gizelle Richard, 28
Works in the office of DC’s chief financial officer

What she’s wearing: J. Crew dress, BCBG sandals.

Why did you pick out this dress today?  “For summer, there’s nothing better than J. Crew and a little seersucker. I picked this dress out because I had church, then brunch here at Vinoteca.”

Tell me about your style. “Preppy-sporty. I shop at Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor.”

Do you think Washington is changing, style-wise? 
“I live along the H Street, Northeast, corridor, and there are a lot of hipsters in that area. I don’t know if I buy into that style, but it’s there. I want to work on my style. I have great aspirations!”

Rachel says:
When summer strikes in Washington—with its humidity and searing temperatures—it’s best to keep things simple. Gizelle’s white seersucker dress is at once elegant and cool—literally.

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