Sidewalk Style: Churchgoing-Cool Edition

This student keeps cool in discount and estate-sale finds—and his grandfather’s suit.

Hamilton Carter, 22
Student, Temple University

What he’s wearing:
From head to toe, Howard is rocking clothes from the ultra-affordable chain H&M: “I’m on my way to a church program, so this is casual but nice enough for church.”

Where he shops: H&M, American Apparel, Macy’s, Zara, and Forever 21’s Heritage line. He also scoops up cheap deals at Indian Head Highway Thrift in Oxon Hill: “You find a lot of one-of-a-kind stuff. Things from estate sales. I’ve gotten a lot with the tags still on.” 

Favorite thing in his closet: His grandfather’s European-cut suit: “I feel like Superman when I wear it. It’s like everyone’s got their eyes on me. It’s a double-breasted, three-piece suit that was made for him, and we have the same figure. I break it up and wear the vest with other things or the jacket with shorts. It lasted a long time for him and will for me.”

What do you think of style in DC?  “I love the style here. You can get away with a lot. More than people think.”

Rachel says:
A slimming look women know works on everyone: skin-toned shoes lengthen and keep the overall look polished. Linen loafers like Hamilton’s are a great flip-flop alternative and are dressier than Toms, another great summer footwear option.

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