Sidewalk Style: Way Out There

This twentysomething takes big risks, and we definitely don’t hate it

Who: Chay Jones, 26.

Where: Union Station.

Where are you coming from? “I’m from Brooklyn and visiting my family—I grew up in Gaithersburg.”

Can you describe your style?
“It’s hard for me to break it down into, say, three words, but I can describe what I’m wearing.”

Tell us. “A vintage Ellen Tracy jacket and a top that I made—it’s vinyl in the front and lace in the back. My pants are American Apparel drop-crotch pants, and I’m wearing American Apparel patent-leather dancing shoes.”

You’re dressed too fiercely to not be documenting this regularly. Any chance you’ve got a blog? “I do—it’s”

Brooke says: “I was in transit to New York City, and Chay’s unusual style stood out. I loved her mixing of monochromatic patterns and the fearlessness with which she takes risks.”

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