Sidewalk Style: Downtown Mongolian

What photographers wear in their down time

Who: Freelance photographer Kyle Samperton, 59

Where: Opening night at the Chocouture photo exhibit, Biagio Chocolates.

Why are you here today?
“To support Worn Magazine, because it’s a long-overdue creative endeavor that needs to be in DC. It focuses on the people that are from here.”

Do you have any personal connection to it?
“I just want to see it succeed. Tremendously. That’s the personal connection I have.”

Where’d you find the pieces of your outfit? “I got the coat in a market in DC—it’s a Mongolian riding jacket. The scarf is Indian. And the shirt’s Tibetan.”

Is there a reason why you wore this outfit today?
“It’s like Popeye: ‘I am what I am.’ ”

Brooke says: Amid a crowd of nicely—but safely—dressed twenty-, thirty-, and fortysomethings, Kyle definitely stands out. He looks like a rugged mountaineer.

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