Sidewalk Style: Made for This

A jewelry designer gets winterized with peg legs and a nubby sweater

Who: Jennifer Jeremias, 28.

Where: Georgetown, at the grand opening of the new Madewell store.

Can you tell me what you’re wearing today?
“I’m wearing a thrifted sparkly sweater and jeans that probably aren’t very flattering! My shoes are Marc Jacobs, and I’m also wearing blue stockings and a belt. Basically, everything’s thrifted. Oh, and my own earrings.”

Your own earrings? Can you explain?
“I repurpose vintage pieces and sell them at craft shows. I also go to school at the Corcoran part-time, which is where I made these earrings. I’ve been taking jewelry classes for about two years now. I’ve been working with different materials and learning how to metalsmith. I like wearing things that I made.”

How do you feel about Madewell opening in Georgetown?
“I’ve never heard of Madewell before, but I do think that up close the clothes are high quality. They have really great- -looking shoes. I’m looking at their jewelry, too, and I’m pretty pleased.”

Really? What’s your assessment?
“They have some jewelry from artists in cases, so that’s really nice, and maybe something for me to hope for!”

Brooke says:
I initially met Jennifer when I bought a necklace from her at a craft fair a while back. She runs her own jewelry line, DAUdau, which she sells on Etsy and at craft fairs and flea markets all around DC. Her quirky jewelry certainly reflects her personal style, so when I ran into her at the Madewell opening party, I had to talk to her.”

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