Sidewalk Style: Ivory Tower

Texture takes over an American University professor.

Who: Iwan Bagus, 40
American University professor and freelance photographer

Where are you from originally?
"Jakarta, Indonesia."

When did you first come to the US?
"December 1994, for school."

How do your professional interests affect the way you dress?
"In general, I'm interested in art. I'm a photographer.  If I'm lecturing about pattern and texture and tonality, I might as might as well apply it."

Is there a certain type of photography you like to shoot?
"I love portraits and food photography. I used to love shooting fashion, but now I'm more into brand creation."  (View Iwan's portfolio at

Brooke says:
It was my first day back from winter break, and I was already an hour late to class. The moment I walked through the door, the first thing I noticed was my professor's dissaproving glance. The second thing I noticed was his outfit. I love how well he mixed the earth tones in his clothes, his almost-steampunk-looking glasses, the belt, and the pop of hot pink in his scarf. With some trepidation, I approached him for a picture. 

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