Sidewalk Style: Model Shot

Too bad more frat boys don’t dress like this

Who: Chris Lin, 20
International Development major at American University

Where’d you find the pieces to this handsome ensemble?
“The pink button-down shirt is from J. Crew, and the tie is from China. I got the cardigan in Hong Kong.”

How does the shopping in Hong Kong compare to here?
“There’s this store called Georgiana, which is pretty popular—most of my stuff is from there. Everything in Hong Kong is a lot cheaper.”

Any particular reason you’re dressed so nicely?
“I have to go to a formal event after this—it’s for my fraternity. I dress for whatever the occasion calls for. But if I could wear a T-shirt every day, I would.”

It seems like you pay attention to fit, though.
“My mom doesn’t like me wearing stuff that’s too baggy.”

Brooke says:
I wasn’t expecting to find a Sidewalk Style candidate while getting my student ID replaced, but the receptionist’s well-fitted cardigan, pink shirt, and tie stood out. Most men wear pink for one of two reasons: to make a deliberate fashion statement or for the novelty of the choice. Chris, however, pulls off this look unwittingly and effortlessly.

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