Sidewalk Style: Kristin, Revisited

Lipstick secrets from a PR gal dressed so nice we photographed her twice

Who: Kristin Guiter, 31
Senior director of communications and marketing, Corcoran Gallery of Art

Where: Rag & Bone 'DIY' Dinner at Fiola Restaurant

What she's wearing:  Trina Turk shift, vintage jewelry, and vintage turquoise purse.

What’s your lip color?
It’s a mix of Revlon’s Va Va Violet and Sephora-brand lip liner. I mix and layer until I get the color I want.

And how are you planning on keeping that on while you eat?
It typically stays on, which is a testament to my lipstick. I caught a redeye last night, and I’ve had it on since yesterday—it managed to last the night to coffee in the morning to getting to my apartment. I think it’s because do the liner all over my lip, then layer the lipstick on top—that’s the secret to long-lasting lip color.

Is your hair naturally that straight?
It’s actually wavy. I blow it out, then straight-iron, which can last two to three days. It’s not as high-maintenance as you might think, though.

Brooke says: As it turns out, previous Sidewalk Style columnist Rachel Cothran also photographed Guiter (Editor's Note: The Washingtonian additionally named Guiter a Style Setter in 2010). Her reasons? Guiter isn’t “afraid of bold patterns, colors, and interesting jewelry.” Three years later, the marketing whiz still shines with her brightly patterned dress and vibrant turquoise bag, but what I love most about her evolving look is the contrast between her bright clothes and almost goth-glam dark, straight hair, and purple lipstick. She’s a great study in unexpected combinations.

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