Running of the Brides at Filene’s Basement in Friendship Heights (Video)

Some brides-to-be waited for as long as 26 hours in the rain to score deep discounts on designer dresses

By 7 AM Friday morning, the line of brides-to-be was hundreds deep at Mazza Gallerie in Friendship Heights. Dressed in bright team T-shirts, running shoes, and colorful wigs—anything to help them stand out in the crowd—brides, moms, dads, and bridesmaids were on a mission to find the perfect dress at Filene’s Basement.

The reason for waiting outside for as much as 26 hours in the rain? Running of the Brides, the one-day sale of designer-label wedding gowns marked down as low as $249.

One bride waited four months for the event, traveling all the way from Texas to find a dress for her June 30 wedding. She and her friends snagged the first spot in line by 10 AM Thursday. And the waiting paid off—she was one of the first brides to find her dress just 30 minutes after doors opened at 8 AM.

There are approximately 1,400 to 3,000 dresses to choose from at Filene’s, but just minutes after the crowds rushed in, the racks were completely bare. Teams staked out areas of the store while rushing to grab whatever dress they could find. Brides quickly tried on dress after dress, as their helpers ran around with signs that read, “I need sizes 6 to 8,” hoping to swap dresses with other brides.

If you missed out on the event this morning, you can still head to Filene’s until 9 PM tonight. In fact, you’re likely to find all of the racks filled again by the time the morning rush heads back to work. Happy shopping, and good luck!