What I Wear to Work: The Crazy Kids of Brightest Young Things

DC’s favorite party throwers show off in paint-spattered platforms, bold red lips, and plenty of skinny jeans. A pizza costume may or may not be involved.

Who: The entire staff of BYT Media, a lifestyle website/event production company that “speaks to a young DC demographic raised on the Internet and obsessed with arts and entertainment” (managing editor Logan Donaldson’s words). Names and titles for the rest of the group follow below.

Around the Office

Stephanie: I wore a J.Crew swimsuit under black jeans and denim shirt, to represent the casual-office-to-pool-party transition. (It’s always important to be ready.) 

Logan: I show up in jeans and a T-shirt but bring a blazer in case there’s a business-casual event after hours.

Svetlana: This is my trusted Ann Taylor Loft jumpsuit—add lipstick and you’re ready for an event/tasting/show after work.

Cale: I chose a pizza costume and a Casio calculator watch for on-the-fly office pizza delivery tip calculations.

Shauna: Around the office I love to showcase my shoe collection, but I keep the rest of my wardrobe pretty tame.

Client Meeting/Dressing to Impress

Svetlana: This BCBG dress has a nice McQueen-y build-out to it—perfect for looking feminine but also slightly intimidating.

Cale: I chose a pizza costume with a vintage-inspired tie by H&M to try to land that lucrative Papa John’s sponsorship so I can afford things from places besides H&M.

Shauna: Rompers are my jam! Clients expect us to be fresh and hip, so going for a suit would only detract from that expectation.

On Location/Covering an Event

Stephanie: Dark ankle jeans and flats make a simple outfit that works almost anywhere and allows me to move around comfortably while I’m taking pictures.

Logan: I wear a painfully obscure band tee to big-league all the other hipsters in the venue, plus pants that have plenty of pocket space for my phone, wallet, Moleskine, keys, flask, cigarettes, etc.

At a BYT Party

Svetlana: I went pretty over-the-top on top since I like being visible at our events, and paired it with a very casual pair of white denim shorts—pockets are a must if you’re running an event.

Shauna: At a BYT party, being bold but comfortable is the only way you’re going to have a great night; hence the bright Urban Outfitters dress. 

Logan: Wear white pants in case you end up on a yacht for the after-party, wear an Irish linen blazer to look cool, and completely forgo a shirt to stay cool. Wear Shauna’s talon necklace, because every great pickup artist needs an attention-grabbing bauble.

Cale: I chose a pizza costume with a Mooninite gold chain necklace by Adult Swim so I look younger than I really am.

Stephanie: While I love color, I chose high-waisted denim shorts, black tights, and a vintage cream blouse with off-white leather pumps—it works for one of our more casual parties.

All photographs by Dakota Fine.

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Sarah is the Editor-in-Chief of Washingtonian Bride & Groom, and writes about weddings, fashion, and shopping. Her work has also appeared in Refinery29, Bethesda Magazine, and Washington City Paper, among others. She is a Georgetown University graduate, lives in Columbia Heights, and you can find her on Instagram at @washbridegroom and @sarahzlot.