Time Management: Stylish Watches for Men

Day to night, these watches are perfect for Washington’s busy and stylish male professionals. Plus—two locals with serious collections.

Photograph by Jeff Elkins
Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Jay Rosenberg

Rosenberg, CEO of Rosenberg Media, matches his watch to his day: a fancy watch for a big business meeting, a plainer option for a casual appointment, diamonds for a special night out. “I learned that to be successful, one needs to look successful,” he says, “so I bit the bullet and fell in love with fine timepieces.” Rosenberg owns about 25 rare and expensive watches, amassed over the past 20 years.

Photographs by Jeff Elkins.

1. Rolex Datejust, $35,000
“My first fine watch,” says Rosenberg, who added pavé diamonds to the links and the bezel. Another Rolex he owns, the Tridor Day-Date, has ten diamonds on the dial and retails for $63,700.

2. Hublot Big Bang, $33,200
Rosenberg bought the Big Bang—a favorite of celebrities and athletes—for its fusion of materials: rose gold, titanium, ceramic, and rubber: “It’s an A-list watch.” He’s also a fan of its enormous size.

3. Chronographe Suisse, $5,000
This vintage pre-World War II model, made of solid gold, is extremely rare and holds sentimental value: “It was given to me by my father before he passed away.”

4. Cartier Roadster, $13,000
The yellow-gold-and-steel construction and the shape remind Rosenberg of iconic Cartier timepieces of the early 20th century: “This is a great choice for the businessman with style and a sense of place.”

Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Ismail Tekin

A hairstylist for 24 years, nine of those at George at the Four Seasons salon, Tekin works in a profession where personal style is encouraged. Born and raised in Turkey, he says his desire for hip and contemporary watches is a reflection of the American dream: “If you want it, and are willing to work for it, you can make it happen.”

Photographs by Jeff Elkins.

1. Invicta, $1,200
“I was browsing online, and from just one picture I wanted this on my arm,” says Tekin, who, unlike Rosenberg, tends to buy watches on the spur of the moment.

2. Cartier Roadster, $7,400
He bought this classic while in the Cayman Islands after a failed relationship: “Ironically, it will last through the years and be a faithful companion.”

3. Breitling, $4,000
Tekin was drawn to this watch’s bold and sporty feel. “It was my Singapore fling,” he says of the impulsive purchase.

4. TW Steel CEO Collection, $600
Tekin spotted this in Jamaica: “I was relaxed and having fun. This watch says relaxed and fun to me.”

This article appears in the February 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.