It’s Happening! Nordstrom Rack Gives Us a Sign of Hope

Finally, FINALLY—the now-empty space gets a sign, and we get excited.

Nordstrom Rack gets its sign! Photograph by Diana Elbasha.

Way back in June, we first got word of a little rumor that the former Borders retail space at 1800 L Street, Northwest—conveniently located just a block east of The Washingtonian’s offices—might be transformed into a (gloriously huge) Nordstrom Rack. Our bargain-loving souls rejoiced. Then in October, we spied the start of construction, and in January, we got confirmation that our hopes were to become reality. Ever since, we’ve been watching diligently for concrete evidence that the 35,000-square-foot discount store might soon be open for business. Today, we got it: The Nordies sign went up! According to Nordstrom Rack’s Facebook page, the store will open its doors at 8 AM on April 18. Visit the page to enter the store’s Rule the Rack sweepstakes—30 shoppers will score a $100 gift card, and one lucky person will win a $1,000 shopping spree and a first go at the store on opening day.