Warby Parker Cofounder Launches Harry’s, a New Line of Shaving Gear

Our favorite quirky-cool eyeglass brand branches out to grooming with affordable razors and luxe shaving cream.

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, founders of Harry's.

You’re already acquainted with the genius of online eyeglass retailer Warby Parker. Now, the cool-kid startup welcomes a younger brother to the family: Harry’s, which “gives a shave” about guys’ grooming routines. The idea for the company—launched by Warby Parker cofounder Jeff Raider and his friend Andy Katz-Mayfield—stems from the creators’ frustration with traditional shaving products. With each purchase of overpriced shaving cream and tiny replacement blades, Raider and Katz-Mayfield could practically feel their wallets shrinking. Yet they still wanted great products for their grooming regimen. Enter Harry’s, which uses the Warby-inspired direct-to-consumer model to give you what the brand deems “a great shave at a fair price.”

And indeed, you can get Harry’s high-quality (and German-engineered)
razors delivered to your doorstep—in a shipment stamped with the
brand’s quirky woolly mammoth mascot—for as little as $10. Replacement
blades ring in at $2 apiece. Those dollars you save on the required
equipment? Put ’em toward the brand’s cucumber, milk thistle, and
coconut oil shaving cream ($8)—paraben- and sulfate-free, of course.

shave sets mean you can curate your Harry’s inventory: There’s the
lacquered Truman ($15), for the guy who likes a touch of color, and the lightweight Winston
($25), with a classic glossy chrome coating.

“We spent the better
part of a year designing both models and taking inspiration from amazing
ergonomic tools guys like to use, like pens and knives, and then
working to optimize weight, balance, and control,” says Katz-Mayfield.

As for a Warby-esque bus tour making its way toward DC?

see ourselves as a brand and could certainly imagine ourselves selling
at stores, although we’re not in any huge rush,” says Raider.

so don’t hold your breath for the bus. But for now, head over to the
new website
. Your Dopp kit will thank you.

The Truman set, $15.