DIY: Printed Napkins and Wrapped Utensils

Add a personal touch to your rustic table setting with these easy steps.

All photographs by Lauren Joseph.

Personalize each guest’s table setting with printed napkins and hand-wrapped utensils. Use the pretty napkins to feature the menu, or showcase your guest’s initials in place of seating cards; the wrapped knife and fork add a nice pop of color. Follow our easy steps to get the shabby-chic look, perfect for a rustic wedding.

Supplies: Napkin, stencils, fabric marker, textured ribbon, decorative fork and knife

Total Time: 45 minutes

1) Begin by placing the stencil in the bottom center of the napkin. With a fabric marker, trace the middle letter of your word. This will help with the alignment and spacing of the entire word.

2) Fill in the letter. Repeat with the remaining characters.

3) Remove the stencil. Fix any blank or uneven spots with the marker by hand. Set napkin aside to dry.

4) Using a colored ribbon, tie a knot around the base of the knife.

5) Wrap the entire length of the knife’s stem using the ribbon. For more texture, you can do this step once more.

6) Repeat with the fork. Place the napkin on the plate(s). Tie several pieces of ribbon around the plate setting and make into a bow. Set knife and fork.