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See the Trailer for the Ocean City-Set “Ping Pong Summer”

The coming-of-age story features a boozy Susan Sarandon and plenty of ’80s nostalgia.

Marcello Conte and Myles Massey star in Ping Pong Summer. Photograph courtesy of Frank PR.

While Washington-set TV shows focus on the drama-laden machinations of Washington politicians and spies, the nearby tourist haven of Ocean City gets a decidedly lighter treatment from Hollywood in the form of a summer coming-of-age film.

Ocean City native Michael Tully’s Ping Pong Summer was a Sundance Film Festival selection this year, and it tells a familiar story: Boy goes on vacation with family (his mom is played by Lea Thompson). Boy meets girl. Boy gets bullied by girl’s Billy Zabka-esque boyfriend. Boy meets boozed-up town black sheep (Susan Sarandon), who teaches him courage. Boy earns admiration and potential love by defeating said bully in some form of activity (in this case, table tennis). Life lessons abound for all.

Here are a few things we gleaned about Ping Pong Summer from a look at the trailer and a bit of internet digging:

• Requisite time stamps from the decade abound, including but not limited to: arcade halls, cassette-tape boomboxes, failed attempts at breakdancing, short shorts, and unrequited teenage love.

• The characters seem to have sprung from the greatest name generator ever—think monikers such as Rad Miracle, Lyle Ace, Randi Jammer, Stacy Summers, and Teddy Fryy.

• A character dramatically unfolds a table-tennis board as if uncovering a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

• Judah Friedlander and Amy Sedaris are featured in the cast, so prepare yourself for the funny.

• Characters threaten teens with a dead fish and spout comebacks such as, “Inseminate him.”

• The movie is set in 1985—the same year Thompson played another mother, Back to the Future’s Lorraine McFly.

• The soundtrack sounds heavy on power ballads and hip-hop. Don’t be ashamed to do the robot in your theater chair.

Ping Pong Summer will be in theaters June 6. Check out the trailer below.