Q&A With Designer Shoshanna Gruss

With a newly launched collection of bridal-inspired dresses, the designer behind Shoshanna shares her inspiration and her thoughts on bridesmaid trends.

All photographs courtesy of Shoshanna.
Shoshanna Gruss.

When it comes to party dresses, the label Shoshanna instantly comes to mind. Known for flirty silhouettes, bold colors, and unexpected patterns, the New York-based brand has become a go-to for bridal parties and brides-to-be. So it should come as no surprise that founder and creative director Shoshanna Gruss, who takes a special interest in the wedding world (the brand even has a dedicated wedding blog), launched a capsule collection of bridal-inspired dresses. Ranging from $295 to $395, the line features ten styles of white dresses, perfect for a casual beach or courthouse wedding, or for the events leading up to the big day. Read on to learn more about Gruss’s inspiration behind the collection, and shop the dresses online now.

Why did you decide to launch the collection?

I wanted to create a collection of dresses that catered to the casual bride. There are so many women out there who aren’t looking for a traditional wedding gown these days but deserve a gorgeous dress that complements their personal style. I also wanted to give brides-to-be options if they’re looking for a second dress to change into or even for the many wedding-related events leading up to the big day.

You take a special interest in the bridal world. Why is that?

The Shoshanna brand has always been a destination for bridesmaid dresses. We get so many requests for bridal parties, and I love when brides share their photos with me. It’s so flattering to know that my designs played a role in such an important day. It felt like a natural next step to cater to the bride as well as her bridal party, which is how the idea came about.

Tell us about the dresses. How do you envision brides wearing them? 

Each dress in the bridal-inspired collection is a shade of white, each with a different look and feel. You will find dresses with coral beads around the neckline, perfect for a beach wedding. You can also find a more formal, fit-and-flare dress that can be worn as a second dress to the reception. The ivory lace options are perfect for a bridal shower or even an engagement party. 

What was your inspiration for this collection?

I look to the Shoshanna customer for inspiration every time I’m creating something new. I was inspired by the many wedding photos shared with me and wanted to be able to deliver on the special requests we have received in the past. I know how important it is to look and feel great as a bride and bride-to-be, so I wanted to make it easy to find that perfect dress.

 Describe a Shoshanna bride.

She is looking to wear something elevated and classy, yet she is always the life of the party!

You are known for designing party dresses. What styles are you most excited about for bridesmaids this summer? 

We have some amazing bridesmaid dresses in hues of navy, neon grapefruit, and ivory coming in for summer—everything from lace dresses in various lengths to a beautiful ruched dress with surprising asymmetrical shoulder straps.

 And now, the bridesmaid quick-fire round:

Solid or pattern?  


Matched or mismatched?  


Black or white?  


Pastels or neons?  


Sequins or metallic colors?


Long gowns or short dresses?

Short dresses