The Father’s Day Gift Guide For All Kinds of Dads

Find the perfect gift for outdoorsy dads, techie dads, and everyone in between.

Photograph via Shutterstock.

Treat your dad this Father’s Day with these easy gifts, all under $100. Show that you appreciate him, even through all his dad jokes and quirks. Every dad is unique, but they can fall into a few different categories, whether he’s the ultimate sports fan, the grill master, or still listening to his favorite records on a turn table.

Make sure the gift is something that reflects his personality, he will use, and he has shown interest in buying for himself, but failed to buy it because he’s busy being your dad (and, let’s be honest, spending money on you instead of himself).

The Outdoorsy Dad


Leisurelife Steel Fire pit, $59.99,

Perfect for summertime s’mores and backyard BBQs that last late into the night, he will be happy to have a fire to stoke every now and then and to have someone make him an extra crispy s’more.

The Techie Dad


Google Chromecast, $35,

This thumb-sized device plugs into the HDMI port of any TV and lets him “cast” any app or show from Android, iPhone, iPad, or a laptop devices onto the big screen.

The Grill Master Dad


Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers, $15.96 for one, at Williams Sonoma

These skewers make it possible for him to grill kebobs on any grill surface. The wire bends to fit more food on it than a traditional skewer.

The Always-Punctual Dad


Timex Waterbury Watch, $100,

Give his wrist a new look with this classic, vintage-looking watch.

The Hip, Leather-Loving Dad


Fossil Quinn Trifold wallet, $40,

The ultimate mens accessory often gets beat up and worn. Give his crisp cash a fresh new home.

The DC Native Dad


Foil Stamped DC Map, $63 for an 8×10 with frame,

This map would look great in a frame on his mancave wall, and you can mark all the places he’s lived in the area or his fave spots around town, or leave it as is.

The Funny Dad


Owen and Fred Luggage Tag, $26,

This is a cheeky way to identify his black suitcase in a sea of black suitcases at the baggage carousel.

The Sports Fan Dad

Tickets to a game, Nationals tickets for Father’s Day (June 21) are as little as $16 each,

Any sport, any game, and any seat in the stadium, he will be grateful to spend time with you and his favorite team.

The On-the-Road Dad

Minimergency Kit, $14,
Give him the little essentials he may forget to pack otherwise.

The Health Nut Dad

Fitbit Flex, $79.95,
He can easily count his steps, calories burned, distance traveled, active minutes, and monitor his sleep. It doubles as a stylish bracelet and can be tracked from his smartphone, too.

The Beer Snob Dad

Wood Six Pack, $50,
Let him carry his craft beer with dignity. Cardboard is for amateurs.