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8 Alternatives to That Same Moroccan Rug You See Everywhere

If you're tired of having the same living room as everyone else.

Photo via Lonny magazine

There’s something perfectly simplistic about the Beni Ourain rug, with its thick, creamy pile, and coffee-colored diamonds. It’s so neutral and and beautifully benign that it blends into almost any room: traditional enough to accompany a club chair and brick fireplace, but also bohemian enough to pair with a low-slung, pillow-strewn daybed, some pale oak, and a lush, leafy palm.

But at this point, the Morrocan diamond-print rug is so ubiquitous as to have lost a bit of its luster. Luckily, there are dozens of variations on this theme, so you can break outside the Beni Ourain box and mix things up a bit more. Here are our 8 favorite options if you’re looking to maintain that laid-back global vibe, but are tired of that same old rug.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

This lush, Concord-grape version (1.) from ABC Home and Carpet has a steep pricetag, but lasting appeal. The mossy green runner (2.) from online shop Nazmiyal is extra-large and has charming tassels at one end.

For the Childless
These two creamy West Elm wool piles are spare but still lively. The confetti-like version (3.) would work well with brightly painted walls, and the stripes (4.) would add some gravitas to a midcentury modern living room.
Home of the Brave
If you’re going to go big, you might as well go really, really big. Hits of neon pink, flaming red, and cerulean are tempered by a cream background in this Pink Rug Co. beauty (5.) but the beauty on the right (6.) is all color, all the time.
Pep in your Step
The 1970s Boucherouite (7.) adds a little bit of liveliness, while the more traditional Chairish version (8.) would look lovely in an open plan living space.

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