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Inside a Sleek and Stylish Lounge That Used to Be a Boring, Bare-Bones Basement

Take a look at the party-ready space.

Inside a Sleek and Stylish Lounge That Used to Be a Boring, Bare-Bones Basement

A once boring, builder-grade basement in Bethesda fell short of meeting the needs of its owners, who frequently entertain large groups of both adults and kids. The couple wanted a stylish lounge space that would make guests feel welcome and allow for easy flow into the back-yard pool area. Architect Mariah Vaias and interior designer Shannon Kadwell at Anthony Wilder Design/Build led the room’s transformation into a contemporary, multipurpose lower level that also includes a fitness area and guest suite. Out went a dated stone mantel; in its place came a textured white-tile-and-black-granite hearth with an offset fireplace. A dull wooden bar was also swapped for a contemporary design with brushed-stainless-steel accents, pear-wood laminate cabinetry, and a dramatic, backlit onyx feature.

Photograph by Morgan Howarth.
Farifax’s Marblex Design installed the onyx slab, backlit with strips of LED lighting. Photographs by Danielle Frye.
LEFT | Along with a guest suite, the new lower level also includes a fitness area. RIGHT | Flat panels of brushed stainless steel surround the TV. The panels to the left open for extra storage space. Photographs by Danielle Frye.
Wood floors were sealed with water-resistant preservative beacuase the area is heavily trafficked by guests coming in from the pool. Photograph by Morgan Howarth.

This article appears in our August 2015 issue of Washingtonian.

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