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The White House Made A Lifesize Bo and Sunny Out of Yarn for Christmas

Also, teeny Bo and Sunny gingerdogs.

The White House Made A Lifesize Bo and Sunny Out of Yarn for Christmas

Once the White House decorations are up, you know it’s really Christmas in DC. Today we got a wonderful preview of the decor this year, titled “A Timeless Tradition,” and including rooms decorated by Carolina Herrera, and the minds behind Kenzo and Opening Ceremony. The display included 62 trees and over 70,000 ornaments, most of them repurposed from years past.

Sunny and Bo, the First Dogs, were again the stars of the show, with life size replicas made out of 55,000 feet of yarn and 7,000 pom poms, and tennis ball trees accompanying them. A hallway ceiling positively swirling with handmade snowflakesmade by local schoolchildrenwelcomed guests into the lower level, and each state (oh yeah, and DC) had its own custom-made flake. The 500-pound gingerbread house perched on the side of the State Dining Room finally (finally!) included the East and West Wing, and a set of iPads that allow visitors to directly well wishes to troops stationed across the country and overseas.

First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed the crowdlargely made up of military familiesin the lavishly bedecked East Room, and reminded the group that “a commitment to giving back is what the holidays are all about.” A crying baby that interrupted Mrs. Obama’s speech was told she could have “whatever she wanted” from the gingerbread house.

Alas, not a Bo-shaped cookie was in sight.

Keep scrolling for all the photos of the White House’s fabulously festive Christmas decor.

Each pup had his own portrait. Here’s Sunny.
Their “treats.”
And here’s Bo.
Bo and Sunny’s close-up.
Serious portraits festooned with twinkling ornaments in the Visitors Foyer.
Snowflakes floating down the hall.
The ceiling was coated in flakes.
The glowing Visitors Foyer.
The gingerbread White House–now with an East and West Wing!
Teeny candy Sunny and Bo.
The bedazzled State Dining Room, with Lincoln looking on.
An 18-foot tree stood tall in the Blue Room.
First Lady Michelle Obama welcomes military families to enjoy the White House’s abundant decor.
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