No Cupcakes Allowed: 8 Sweet Dessert Alternatives for Your DC Wedding

Photograph of pie bar by Kristen Lynne Photography. Photographs of individual desserts by Jeff Elkins

Cupcakes are a little overplayed for weddings. Here are eight DC desserts that are much more of the moment.



What they are: Doughy Czech treats that hold a dollop of sweet or savory filling in the center. Already beloved in Texas, the pastry is poised to become the next Cronut.

Where to get ’em: DC’s Republic Kolache takes catering orders three weeks in advance.

Cost: $27 per dozen for sweet flavors, $38 for savory. 

Recommended # per Guest: 2.

Dietary Options: Vegetarian.



What they are: Small bites of cake and icing covered by candy coating or chocolate and served on lollipop sticks. We love them for family-focused weddings with lots of kids.

Where to get ’em: DC’s Baked by Yael and Fairfax’s Alexandria Cake Pop Company.

Cost: From $2.25.

Recommended  # per Guest: 1 to 2.

Dietary Options: Kosher, nut-free, vegetarian, and gluten-free at Baked by Yael; gluten-free and nut-free at Alexandria Cake Pop Company.



What they are: Individually sized pies that can be topped with custom pastry cutouts such as hearts, initials, and seasonal decorations.

Where to get ’em: Pie Sisters in Georgetown. 

Cost: $3.75 each; 10-percent discount for a dozen and 15-percent off orders over 100.

Recommended # per Guest: 1 to 2.

Dietary Options: Nut-free
and vegetarian.



What they are: Moist, bite-sized bundt cakes topped with a dollop of velvety cream-cheese frosting. Seasonal flavors available.

Where to get ’em: Nothing Bundt Cakes in Gaithersburg (opening in December 2015).

Cost: $21 per dozen.

Recommended # per Guest:  2 to 3. 



What they are: Pieces of Oreo encased in a geometric white-chocolate shell. The bonbon-esque treat might be the most Instagram-worthy dessert on this list.

Where to get ’em: DC’s Buttercream Bakeshop.

Cost:  $2.65 and up.

Recommended # per Guest: 2. 

Dietary Options: Nut-free.



What they are: Breakfast fare gone trendy wedding sweet! Done in decadent combos such as maple-bourbon-bacon, these fried dough rings are great to give out as a late-night snack.

Where to get ’em:  DC’s District Doughnut, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, and Golden Brown Delicious all take orders.

Cost:  $25 to $29 per dozen. (District Doughnut’s mini doughnuts are $18 per dozen.)

Recommended # per Guest: 1 ½.

Dietary Options: Nut-free options at District Doughnut.



What they are: A classic French treat that transforms almond flour, egg whites, and sugar into a cookie sandwich—and comes in dozens of colors and flavors.

Where to get ’em: DC’s Olivia Macaron, Macaron Bee, and The Sweet Lobby.

Cost:  $2 to $2.50 each; bulk discounts available.

Recommended # per Guest:  2 to 4.

Dietary Options: Gluten-free and dairy-free at Olivia Macaron and Macaron Bee.



What they are: With seasonal flavors on constant rotation, these foodie-friendly versions of your favorite frozen treat can be picked up in advance or fully catered with a vintage pushcart.

Where to get ’em: Pleasant Pops has locations downtown and in Adams Morgan.

Cost: $75 per hour of catering and $2.50 per pop. 

Recommended # per Guest: 1.

Dietary Options: Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.

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