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How To Make Your House Feel a Little More Like the Beach

Unless you’re lucky enough to own or rent a weekend getaway, most of your summer Saturdays will be spent in the same old digs you spend the rest of the year, surrounded by your same old stuff. But a few simple, unexpected tweaks can provide a little more of that Zen feeling that you get when you’re near the ocean waves.

1. Hang String Lights—In Your Kitchen

Not those dinky little guys, but this substantial, lantern-esque version. Strung above your breakfast table they’ll lend each meal some vacation vibes.

Stargazer Garden Trellis Lights: $88 at Terrain.


2. Lay Your Head on a Bed of Palms

A palm print pillow adds some verdure to your living room and makes napping a little more summery.

Printed Palms Pillow; $39 at Urban Outfitters.


3. Turn Your Bathroom into a Beach Spa

Coconut. Bath. Soak. Need we say more?

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak; $18 at Be Clean Shop.


4. Open Up Some Umbrellas—In Your Drinks

These adorable little markers will make it clear whose mai tai is whose, and turn your cocktails into mini beach bashes.

Umbrella Drink Markers; $11.95 at Crate & Barrel.


5. Swap a Staid Chair for a Soothing Swing

This rattan beauty work just as well indoors as out (just make sure a contractor secures it correctly to the ceiling). And it’ll make your latest summer read a little more relaxing.

Double Hanging Rattan Chair; $695 at Serena & Lily.

6. Sip from a Pineapple—Or the Next Best Thing.

OK, so we can’t carve pineapples into drinking vessels every day. But the next best thing is one of these bubbly little glasses.

Fruit Wedge Tumbler; $14 at Anthropologie.


7. Improve Your View

DC doesn’t exactly offer oceanfront property, so hanging a luscious, palm-filled print above your bed or in your entryway adds a calm focal point.

“White Hot” by Erin Beutel; starting at $20 at Minted.

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