20 Adorable Gifts for a New Mom

Photo by Jeff Elkins.
Photo by Jeff Elkins

1. This Is Washington, D.C. by Miroslav Sasek, $17.95 at Kramerbooks.

2. Cotton-velvet crown, $39 at

3. Presidential blocks, $108 at Salt & Sundry.

4. Moon nightlight, $16.99 at Target.

5. Strawberry “lunch box,” $30 at the Shoe Hive.

6. Balloon mobile, $192 at

7. Wool pompom hat, $43 at

8. Salmon-print one-piece, $33 at

9. Corduroy pants, $48 at Salt & Sundry.

10. Pearl-knit romper, $88 at

11. “Metro Line” wood train, $19.95 at

12. Cozy Classics (War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick)$9.95 each at Kramerbooks.

13. Panda bookend, $58 at Urban Dwell. 

14. Fridge Play Food, $29 at

15. Knit ice-cream rattle, $12 at Salt & Sundry.

16. Shenandoah puzzle, $22 at Urban Dwell.

17. Fox pillow, $35 at A Little World on

18. Stacking rings, $12.99 at Target.

19. ABC by Xavier Deneux, $24.99 at Kramerbooks.

20. “Natalia” gold shoes, $86 at

This article appears in the December 2016 issue of Washingtonian.

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