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PHOTOS: 5th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards

More than 200 guests gathered for a private soirée to honor Washington women in journalism and kick off the White House Correspondents' Dinner weekend.

PHOTOS: 5th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards
Washington Women in Journalism Awardees Lynn Sweet, Audie Cornish, Amy Walter, and Amanda Bennett

Washingtonian and Story Partners kicked off the White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend and celebrated influential women in journalism at the fifth annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards on April 26th. More than 200 guests gathered at a private Kalorama residence to honor Amanda Bennett, Amy Walter, Audie Cornish, and Lynn Sweet for their significant roles as women in journalism. During the evening soirée, Washingtonian‘s President & CEO Cathy Merrill Williams and Story Partners’ Gloria Story Dittus shared touching remarks prior to presenting awards, provided by Tiffany & Co., to the honorees.

Party-goers sipped Ketel One Botanical collection cocktails and limited edition Johnnie Walker whisky. B Floral decked tables with gorgeous spring floral decor, while DJ Chris Laich kept guests entertained with lively music all evening.

Thank you to our sponsors: The National Retail Federation , PhRMA , American Beverage Association, Johnson & Johnson, National Association of ManufacturersSouthern Company  , TimeWarner, and Johnnie Walker.

Thank you to our partners:  Tiffany & Co. & B Floral

 All photos by Dan Swartz/Revamp. 

Story Partners’ Chairman Gloria Dittus and CEO and President of Washingtonian Media Cathy Merrill Williams
Jayne Visser, Francesca Craig, Urmila Vennugopalan, and Maguy Maccario Doyle
Floral decor provided by B Floral
Betsy Fischer Martin and Heather Podesta
Donald Graham with Suzanne and David Chavern
Audie Cornish of NPR gave a humorous and inspirational speech
Guests sipped on cocktails mixed with the new Ketel One Botanical collection
Mona Hamdy, Timothy Lowery and Maria Trabocchi
Carrie Morgridge and Anita Brikman
The gorgeous scene at the private event
Honoree Amy Walter speaking to the crowd
Nels Olson, Kelley Davenport, Kristen Bodenstedt, Shelley Hymes and Steven Law
The NRF lounge
Congressman Brendan Boyle and Margaret Carlson
Carol Danko, Leslie MacCallum, and Chris McCannell
David French, Chip Kunde, Leslie Saracen and Jim McCarthy
Michael Steele, Beth Bronder and Ben Jenkins
Richard Hudock and Lauren Pratapas
Gift bags were provided by SCOUT Bags
Honorees received plaques from Tiffany & Co. and limited edition bottles of Jane Walker whisky
Lynn Sweet, Audie Cornish, Gloria Story Dittus, Amy Walter, Amanda Bennett, and Cathy Merrill Williams