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Washingtonian Today: Ted Fled

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Happy Tuesday, everyone. Ted Cruz was confronted at Fiola last night. Protestors reportedly chanted “we believe survivors” until he left the premises. Rainy Washington weather is set to continue: Prep for some PM storms today and pack your umbrella, rain jacket, or inflatable kayak for your commute.

Also, a two-headed snake was found in Virginia, and I think I found the new office pet.

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

Brian Karem covers Montgomery County and has a White House hard pass. He’s one of the best-situated reporters to cover the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

• There’s that old wedding adage: something new, something borrowed, something blue. Who says you can’t combine a few of those? You need to check out this bride’s blue wedding gown.

• Pause what you are doing and listen to this Smithsonian robot named Pepper make music from art, aka the first day of the robo-pocolypse.

• Georgetown’s location of Sweetgreen is back. Sort of. Their new venture “The Tavern” opens this week with deconstructed salads and the delicious soft serve that they had no reason taking off the menu. Sneak a peak. 

• Kavanaugh’s personal copy of the Constitution contains some curious annotations in the 25th Amendment.

Our pick for things to do around the District:

The “live magazine” performance Pop-Up Magazine will present its 2018 Fall Issue at the Warner Theatre. This tour features two DC contributors (The Atlantic’s Ed Yong and NPR Invisibilia’s Yowei Shaw) plus writers from Wired(Jason Parham and Emily Dreyfuss), a podcaster (Call Your Girlfriend’s Ann Friedman), and two photographers (Landon Nordeman and Lara Shipley). Hear stories about changing small-town America and an attempt to bring a flower back from extinction, among other topics. $29-$39, 7:30 PM.

Good reads:

Alexandra Lescaze describes the toxic culture of the ’80s prep school parties she attended. It’s not far off from what Kavanaugh’s accusers describe. (Slate)

Behind the New York Times and the New Yorker‘s very public spat over the details of a scoop. (New York Mag)

Essential long read:

Unpacking the culture around Georgetown Prep, 1982, and the year women began to reclaim their agency. (The Atlantic)

Big events from Washingtonian:

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