7 Cool Beauty Products Made in DC

They make perfect gifts for your mom, your significant other, even your frenemy.

Made in DC 2019

About Made in DC 2019

This article is a part of Washingtonian’s Made in DC feature. Local artisans are creating bourbon and beauty products, handbags and hot sauce, clothing and jewelry. We found the coolest things being made here right now.

In recent years, the success of local shops devoted to natural skin care—such as Take Care and Ivy Wild—have shown that consumers are interested in how and where beauty products are made. Luckily, a number of “clean beauty” businesses are now based here. These are seven favorites, with the most fitting gift recipients.

For: The hostess

The product: Maré Naturals Cleansing Bars.
Because: Nothing says “safe gift” like sweet, scented soaps made with Ethiopian honey.
Buy it: $7 for a four-ounce bar at

For: Your frenemy

The product: Skincando CBD Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover.
Because: She needs to chill out and stop being so fake.
Buy it: $60 for four ounces at

For: Your Tinder hookup

The product: Savage Soaps Kentucky Bourbon Beard Oil.
Because: Bourbon kisses > bristly kisses.
Buy it: $17 at

For: Your mom

The product: Handmade Habitat Nourish Bath Salts.
Because: You can’t always make her life the bed of roses she deserves, but you can deliver on a bath of pink Himalayan salt, geranium, and rose petals.
Buy it: $24 for an eight-ounce bottle at

For: Your bestie

The product: Pax Apothecary Face Clay.
Because: The exfoliating clay goes deep—like your friendship.
Buy it: $18 for a two-ounce jar at

For: Your baby bro

The product: District Batch Geranium Deodorant.
Because: Tea-tree oil and lavender help keep body odor at bay. And if you don’t tell him, who will?
Buy it: $13 for 2.5 ounces at

For: Your significant other

The product: Florescent natural perfumes.
Because: Show you care with vegan scents free of synthetic and petroleum-based ingredients.
Buy it: $79 for 15 milliliters at

This article appears in the December 2019 issue of Washingtonian.

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