You Can Get Married for Free at &Pizza on Saturday

As long as you're engaged and really in love with pizza. And maybe Pi Day.

With a valid marriage license, engaged couples can get married for free at &pizza on Saturday.

In celebration of Pi Day, engaged couples can get married for free at the &pizza in Shaw on Saturday night. The “impromptu” group wedding celebration is open to the pie-loving public, so the unengaged too can grab a slice (and maybe also a plus one?) and celebrate all things love and pizza. No hand-calligraphed RSVP or expensive wedding gift necessary. Need we say more?

The entirely cost-free reception will include all the wedding necessities: balloons, stylish decor to fit the pizzeria’s signature monochromatic digs, a DJ, dance floor, champagne, cake from Milk Bar, and flowers from the sustainable florist, the Bouqs. Oh, and pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

Last year’s celebration of tomato basilica and unity drew over a dozen couples. That’s eight weddings, five vow renewals, and one commitment ceremony. This year, four lucky couples submitted their love stories to &pizza and were chosen to be married for free in Shaw. Each of those couples can invite up to 30 guests to the reception dinner of, you guessed it, craft pies. And yes, that includes a free staycation honeymoon (at Kimpton George Hotel in D.C.).

Each of the four chosen couples will be married in front of their guests in private ceremonies throughout the day (during which time, the restaurant will be closed), and then from 8:30 PM to 11 PM the doors will open for an open-to-the-public fifth annual matrimonial extravaganza. Any additional engaged DC couples with a valid marriage license can get married or have their vows renewed for free at the party, just arrive on time with your marriage license in hand. 

Whether you’re looking to spectate or say “I do,” this saucy vow-fest is definitely a fitting way to celebrate Pi Day.

1817 7th St., NW Washington D.C.

Emma Francois is an editorial fellow at Washingtonian covering everything from food to fashion. She graduated from Georgetown University and has previously worked for USA Today, the Georgetown Voice, and the Chautauquan Daily.