Yes, America May Be Going on Lockdown Over Coronavirus, but Don’t Worry—People Are Making Quarantine T-Shirts

That's correct—there is a Baby Yoda-meets-coronavirus shirt for sale.

Image via Quarantined Gang.
Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

Washingtonian is keeping you up to date on the coronavirus around DC.

Need to update your quoutfit (quarantine outfit)? Or just virtually window shop while stuck at home? Here are some clothes, accessories, and gifts all sparked by Covid-19.

“March Sadness” T-shirt

For the mourning basketball bros everywhere. $19; Etsy

“No Handshakes” buttons

Buy a bunch and distribute them to everyone you elbow-bump with. $2,Etsy

Keychain with Covid-19 hand sanitizer-case

Not today, Covid-19!!!! $7, Etsy

“Washing and Wiping Before It Was Cool” T-shirt

Clean = cool. Duuhhhhh. $12, Etsy

#Coronavirus onesie

Enjoy the days you can dress your child in whatever you want without protest. $16; Etsy

Coronavirus greeting card

Totally appropriate to send out for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirement parties, housewarmings… $4, Etsy

“Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands” button

Twenty seconds, people! You know the drill. $6, Etsy

“Covid Extra” and “Covid Light” face mask

This is not, we repeat, **not** intended for medical use or protection. That being said, we’re **not** exactly sure what these are intended for. Anyways, carry on, crack open a Corona. $10, Etsy

Coronavirus crochet toy

This is…cute but scary? (Kind of like me!) $22, Etsy

“Emergency Roll” embroidered toilet paper

We’re not sure why this exists, but here we are. $8, Etsy

Coronavirus cupcake toppers

I’ll take one social distancing cupcake, please! $12,Etsy

Coronavirus survivor mug

“I’m a survivor/I’m not gonna give up…” $22, Amazon

Coronavirus koozie 

If you’re going to drink alone in quarantine, you might as well commit to a theme. $6, Amazon

“Quarantine and Chill” T-shirt

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that you use this line on dating apps. $20, Quarantined Gang 

“Quarantine and Chill” hoodie

For when you’re on day five of unwashed hair. $50, Linda Finegold

“Don’t Cough on Me” T-shirt

No, but really—don’t cough on me. $20, Amazon

Baby Yoda coronavirus T-shirt

What is there to say about this other than, well, this is the world we live in now? $20, Amazon

“Coronavirus Survival Guide” T-shirt

Wash! Those! Hands! Y’all! $19, Amazon

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