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June/July 2020: Days of Anguish, Days of Protest, Days of Hope

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Photograph by Khalid Naji-Allah/Executive Office of the Mayor.
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Days of Anguish, Days of Protest, Days of Hope

Photograph by Evy Mages

A diary of history in the making. Plus: A reckoning for how Washingtonians relate to the federal government—and each other.

How to Feed 250,000 People a Day in a Pandemic

Photograph by Evy Mages

Chef José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen has become a humanitarian treasure and a darling of the disrupter power set. By Benjamin Wofford.

The Post-Handshake Greeting: A Guide

Illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

RIP, grip-and-grins. But what could possibly replace the handshake? By Jane Recker.

Self-Portrait, Quarantined

Photograph by Darius Churchman
Photograph by Darius Churchman.

We asked working photographers across the area to turn the camera onto their lives in isolation.

How Well Do You Know Your City?

Take the ultimate quiz about Washington to find out.

The Covid Divorces Are Coming

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Months of togetherness have revealed uncomfortable truths—and horrible secrets. Get ready for a boom in marital busts. By Marisa M. Kashino.



Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Words on the Street: Washington at a moment of crisis and opportunity. By Michael Schaffer.

Humor in an Unfunny Time: Alexandra Petri finds humor in an unfunny time. By Andrew Beaujon.

Doctor of Love: Dr. Fauci, romance-novel star. By Benjamin Wofford.

Why is Ibram X. Kendi Leaving DC? Why Ibram X. Kendi is leaving DC. By Rob Brunner.

Big Picture: Face masks as self-expression. By Evy Mages.


Photograph by Josephine Sittenfeld.

Interview: Writer Curtis Sittenfeld imagines an alternate Clinton reality.


Photograph via iStock.

On the Road Again: Nearby drives to mountain views, farm stands, wineries, and other safe fun.

Top Pet Care: The area’s best veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and more, as voted on by readers.

Renovation Diary: Remodeling two bath­rooms in two weeks for $20,000.


Photograph courtesy of Pedego Electric Bikes.

Electric Moment: Why e-bikes are more popular than ever.

Status Symbol: The $600 bread machine.

What’s the Pandemic Doing To Our Minds?: Reentry anxiety and other signs therapists see.

The Dentist Will See You Now: Your next appointment will be very different.


Photograph by Evy Mages

Ahead of the Table: What dining out will look like over the next year.

Eight Pandemic Pop-ups: Chefs are getting creative.

Need a Menu? Scan the QR Code: Socially distanced dining practices, beyond six-feet-apart tables.


Photograph by Anice Hoachlander.

Parts and Labor: Two car fanatics spent four years trans­forming an auto shop into a home.

Buying and Living in Arlington Now: What’s happening in the home of Amazon HQ2.

Staycation Vibes: How to make outdoor at-home socializing great.

Pets: The quarantine adoptees.