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September 2020: Exploring the Potomac

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Photograph by Gina Psallidas of Aionia Photography; icons by Jenny Rosenberg

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Exploring the Potomac

Our guide to the nation’s river: its past, its present—and the local spots and day trips where you can kayak, tube, paddleboard, fish, take a riverside walk, or picnic with a water view. By Sherri Dalphonse.


In Memoriam

Alonzo Smith, Gary Hopkins Jr., Marqueese Alston, D’Quan Young. Bottom: Terrence Sterling, Archie “Artie” Elliott III, Ralphael Briscoe. Their families speak about the aftermath of police killings. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Though none have gotten the attention of Breonna Taylor or George Floyd, police killings of African Americans in Washington go back decades, brutalizing those left behind. With issues of race and law enforcement in the news, seven families spotlight the lives lost and their quests for justice. By Marisa. M. Kashino.

Houses of Style

Photograph by Paul Warchol

Every year, Washingtonian partners with the American Institute of Architects to recognize the area’s best-looking residences. Here’s a peek at the spectacular 2020 winners. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Inside the Mind of the MAGA Bomber

Photograph courtesy of United States v. Cesar Altieri Sayoc.

As the 2018 midterms approached, Cesar Sayoc turned his loyalty to Donald Trump into a literal assault on the President’s Democratic enemies, mailing bombs to national politicians and sparking widespread terror. Luke Mullins.


Photograph by Andrew Beaujon.

Far From the Crowd: The ever-growing fortress around the White House. By Andrew Beaujon.

Dueling Docs: Com­paring the new HBO documentaries on Washington politics. By Rosa Cartagena.

Psychedelic Mom: Meet the mom working to decriminalize psychedelics. By Andrew Beaujon.

Shame that name! GW’s Marvin Center: Why GW was the last DC university to desegregate. By Andrew Beaujon.

Big Picture: Capturing the beauty of a summer storm. By Jay Fleming.

Where & When

Photograph of Michaela Coel by Laura Radford/HBO

Books, movies, TV, music, and other things we’re loving this month.


Hogan in Annapolis in July Photograph by Patrick Siebert/Office of the Governor of the State of Maryland

Interview: Larry Hogan’s memoir has people wondering if he wants to go from head of a state to Head of State. Interview by Jane Recker.

Justice: DC’s quiet experiment with ending jail time. By Benjamin Wofford.


Photo-illustration by Lauren Bulbin with images from iStock

HomeSchool Supplies: Items to make your kids’ days—and yours—a whole lot easier. Plus: the science kit recommended by Miss America. (She’s a biochemistry major.) By Sherri Dalphonse.

“Maskne” is real: A few ways to save your complexion from face masks. By Mimi Montgomery.

Status symbol: The $500 fire pit. By Amy Moeller.


Photograph by Evy Mages

A look back at the 50 most influential Washington restaurants of the last century. By Ann Limpert.


Photograph by Maxine Schnitzer

Open-air escapes: Dreamy outdoor spaces that might induce quarantine envy. Marisa M. Kashino.

The Briefing: Logan Circle & Shaw: What’s new in two of DC’s most historic neighborhoods.

Luxury Apartments: Swank buildings used to advertise gyms and winetastings. The pandemic changed things. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.