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October 2020: Heroes of the Crisis

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Photographs by Jeff Elkins , except for bottom left, by Images of Life Photography.

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Heroes of the Crisis

From medical professionals to social-justice activists to culinary stars, here are some of the locals who have helped get us through the most challenging of times. By Daniella Byck, Rob Brunner, Rosa Cartagena, Sherri Dalphonse, Mimi Montgomery, Luke Mullins, Jessica Sidman, and Anna Spiegel.


A Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Nightmare Election Day

Illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

For the first time in memory, there are serious questions about whether the world’s oldest democracy can actually pull off a democratic election. We asked a bipartisan group of five experts to unspool their own disaster scenarios. Compiled by Benjamin Wofford.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Quarantined

Illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

Inside Washington’s super-luxe lockdowns. By Mimi Montgomery and Jessica Sidman.

Washington Women in Journalism Awards

Cosponsored by Washingtonian, these annual awards honor distinguished reporters and editors. Meet the 2020 winners.


Photo-Illustration by Lauren Bulbin Photographs by Susan Smith/Flickr and White House Archive

Biden’s Mar-A-Lago?: Would Rehoboth become Joe Biden’s Mar-a-Lago? By Washingtonian Staff.

Dating Games: The DC dating guru who will play a better you online. By Jane Recker.

ESPN Goes G0-Go: How Trouble Funk got on SportsCenter. By Andrew Beaujon.

Bird Watching: The Twitter account that IDs helicopters. By Rob Brunner.

Netflix Heads to Gallaudet: Deaf U captures students’ sometimes messy lives. By Rosa Cartagena.

Big Picture: A swimsuit-company-turned-face-mask-factory in Vienna. By Lauren Bulbin.

Where & When

Rico Nasty. Photograph courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Books, movies, TV, music, and other things we’re loving this month.


Howard University president Wayne A.I. Frederick. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Howard president Wayne A.I. Frederick leads a historic university. And performs cancer surgery. Interview by Michael Schaffer.

Politics: A top Republican operative on why the GOP is dead. By Benjamin Wofford.

Culture: The challenge of marketing a Covid vaccine. By Jane Recker.


Vineyards landscape at sunset in California, USA

Drinking Responsibly: Six nearby wineries with big outdoor spaces—so you can sip safely with a great view. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Lesson Plans: Six ways private schools have changed in the wake of coronavirus. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Status symbol: The $4,295 treadmill. By Mimi Montgomery.


Winter Restaurant Preview: There will surely be heart­breaking closures in the coming months. But a surprising number of new places are on the way, too. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, Jessica Sidman, and Daniella Byck.


Photograph by Jennifer Hughes.

Brass Appeal: Five stunning kitchens­­—all with brass—plus our directory of kitchen remodeling resources.

The Briefing: Bethesda:What’s new in the popular suburb.

Our New Home: Look inside Washingtonian’s new offices.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Svetlana Legetic, who would go on to found DC’s Brightest Young Things, shown in 1999. Photograph courtesy of Svetlana Legetic.

Svetlana Legetic on her first job—at a Serbian casino. As told to Ann Limpert.