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November 2020: Top Doctors

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Top Doctors

Now more than ever, it’s vital to have a physician you can trust and who can treat whatever ails you. Our Top Doctors list—selected by surveying all 13,500 physicians in the region—can help.


See Ya, DC

Photo-Illustration by Lauren Bulbin

Between the pandemic, the politics, and the reevaluate-your-life cataclysm that is 2020, people who never imagined leaving town are decamping for the suburbs, the country—and much farther. By Mimi Montgomery.

He’s 32. He’s Joe Biden’s Press Secretary. And He Has Stage 4 Cancer.

TJ Ducklo on the trail in South Carolina in February, shortly before Covid locked down the country. Photograph by Adam Schultz/Biden for President.

What’s it like to work a presidential campaign while you’re battling a devastating personal health crisis? By Luke Mullins.

The Survivors

Photographs by Jeff Elkins

For many who overcome Covid-19, leaving the hospital is only the start of getting back to health. Eight Washingtonians recount the aftermath of beating the disease. By Daniella Byck.

Postcards from the Edge (of Democracy)

Illustration by Muti

We asked illustrators around the globe to draw us postcards from our own city—to show how Washington, in an unprecedented crisis, looks from the outside.

Our Neighbor Tony

Photo by Jeff Elkins

You can’t make an appointment with Anthony Fauci. But he’s Washington’s most famous doctor—and an emblem of a vibrant medical-research community. By Sherri Dalphonse.


Director Merawi Gerima, behind the camera, with actor Obinna Nwachukwu (far right). Photograph courtesy of Array

Moving Images: A Netflix doc about DC gentrification is essential viewing. By Rosa Cartagena.

Election Litigation Situation: Meet the Biden and Trump camps’ top lawyers.  By Marisa. M. Kashino.

CIA Detective: An ex-CIA analyst who’ll solve your family mysteries. By Andrew Beaujon.

Seat of Power: A brief history of White House toilets. By Tevi Troy.

Heat Index: Could gun ownership really get popular here? By Luke Mullins.

The Culture 10

Photograph of The Crown courtesy of Netflix

Books, movies, TV, music, and other things we’re loving this month.


Photograph by Aaron Clamage/American Enterprise Institute

Interview: Arthur Brooks went from running a conservative think tank to writing about happiness. Interview by Benjamin Wofford.

Culture: The sweet story of a long-lost bass guitar. By Andrew Beaujon.


Cold Comfort: Gear to keep you warm during socially distant outdoor gatherings.

Status Symbol: The super-luxe men’s watch.

The Least Wonderful Time of the Year: A therapist’s advice for holidays away from family.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Cocktail Guide: The best takeout drinks, local spirits worth a try, innovative ways to sip outdoors, how the pros stock their home bars, and more.


Photograph by Laura Mezler.

Museum Quality: Five ways to create a stunning gallery wall.

Woke Folks’ Home: At this senior-living facility, residents have spent quarantine advocating for Black lives and getting out the vote.

The Briefing: Alexandria: What’s new in the popular Virginia suburb.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Photograph courtesy of Chris Van Hollen

Senator Chris Van Hollen on his first campaign.