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Election Week: Things to Do in Washington, November 2-4

Plus: How are you feeling right now?

Illustration by Hannah Good.

Hello folks!

It’s election week, so there’s a lot to do, but there’s also…not a lot to do.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

Here’s what you should check out this week:

The first one is obvious: Vote. If you haven’t cast your ballot yet, Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. Here’s where you can vote in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

You’ll probably want to drink: If you’re actually eager to attend an election watch party (no, thank you), there are a few bars hosting the DC tradition this year, with limited seating and social distancing. Learn more here.

And you might want to stuff your face: Ahhh comfort food, what would I do without you? Washingtonian food critic Ann Limpert put together her recs on the yummy takeout you should treat yourself to on election night, with everything from lasagna to sheet cake.

Or try doodling: Take a TV break and draw instead. Mo Willems is leading “Democracy Doodles” in a virtual Kennedy Center program on election night, accompanied by NSO musicians. Tuesday 11/3 at 7 PM; Free, watch it here.

If you’re rallying in DC: There are a bunch of protests and rallies organized throughout the week, including ShutDown DC’s massive go-go filled election night plans on Black Lives Matter Plaza. Read up on all the action here.

Breathe: We know it’s a stressful week—and that’s an understatement—so try to do a peaceful activity. Past Tense Yoga’s Meagan Estep is leading “Election Exhale” meditation classes to help you stay calm and positive. Tuesday 11/3 and Wednesday 11/4 at 8 AM and 6 PM; $10 per session, buy tickets here.

Remember to take a break: You don’t have to obsessively stare at your computer or phone for the next three days. Here are some self-care activities that you can try instead.

Day of the Dead: Commemorate Día de los Muertos with a visit to the steps of the National Portrait Gallery, which is housing an altar and art installation on Monday, November 2. This year’s program is in memory of those who lost their lives to Covid-19, and Colombian-born artist MasPaz is creating a multimedia piece in tribute to members of the Latinx community. The installation will be viewable from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, and people are welcome to leave their dedications of their own on the altar from 2 PM to 8 PM. —assistant editor Daniella Byck

A vibe check: 

How are you feeling?

Many of us are feeling like we’re holding our breath right now. I’m sure your social feeds are full of “VOTE” messages and campaign ads and other noise. I know my coworkers and I have been feeling like it’s hard to concentrate and everywhere I look people are talking about how anxious they are, we are, the whole country is. I think these are the times when it’s best to disconnect a bit from the news and try to reduce your screen time. It’s easy to say, but I promise taking a half-hour walk through the autumn trees in Rock Creek Park will make you feel much better than scrolling through the latest polling numbers. (Find foliage recs here!) Take care of yourself and those around you.

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