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Watch the Insane Trailer for Louise Linton’s New Movie, “Me You Madness”

Linton plays a murderous, sex-addicted hedge-fund manager

Photo by Charles Atkeison/Flickr.

A trailer dropped yesterday for Me You Madness, a “modern romantic comedy” starring Louise Linton, wife of former Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. Linton also wrote, directed, and produced the film.

In the movie, which debuts On Demand February 12, Linton plays Catherine Black, a Malibu businesswoman who loves high fashion, expensive cars, and fattening her wallet. “You may think that I’m a materialistic, narcissistic, self-absorbed misanthrope,” Linton’s character says at the start of the trailer, a bit of dialogue that could be read as a cheeky nod to the real-life experiences of its author. Black plays a hedge-fund manager who cops to being addicted to sex and exercise within the trailer’s first minute. “My life is incredible,” she says.

As best as we can tell, the plot is about some kind of love story/revenge scenario that leads Black to menacingly slice an apple in half with a large knife and threaten to disembowel the dude who is the object of her affections. The trailer is partly set to the incongruous sounds of ’80s tune “Footloose,” presumably due to fact that it contains the lyric “Please, Louise/Pull me off of my knees.”

The film’s biggest draw just might be the Lintonian fashion. You may recall Linton was panned back in 2017 when she was snapped clutching a sheet of $1 bills with a pair of dramatic leather gloves at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. (Vogue subsequently compared her to Cruella de Vil, Darth Vader, and Regina George). In the movie, Linton’s character also revels in swanky style, donning thigh-high gold boots and gaudy earrings dripping in jewels.

Watch the trailer here:

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