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Photos from Washingtonian’s The Green Economy of Tomorrow Roundtable, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase

Sustainability experts gathered to discuss emerging trends in ESG investing

The DMV’s top leaders in sustainability gathered at the new JPMorgan Chase Client Center in Washington, DC on Tuesday, December 14 to discuss how corporations in all sectors can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve a more sustainable future through ESG practices that create a positive impact. 

Michael Schaffer, Editor-in-Chief of Washingtonian, moderated this important discussion and Allison Saegh-Fleming, Executive Director of JPMorgan’s Green Economy Banking Team, provided opening remarks to kick the conversation off. The group touched upon important topics such as:

  • The future of a carbon tax being enacted on a federal level
  • The availability of financing for small to medium companies who are focused on sustainability
  • How to encourage young or small companies to prioritize sustainability the way other immediate concerns are looked at
  • The transition of ESG practices from being a philanthropic endeavor to a serious investment strategy

The full guest list included:

Scot Case, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, NRF

Benjamin Colbert, Founder, City Renewables

Amanda Eversole, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, American Petroleum Institute (API)

Denise Everson, Managing Director, ThinkBox

Carolyn Evert, Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Communications Manager, JPMorgan Chase

Susan Farkas, Publisher, Washingtonian

Bradford Dockser, CEO & Co-Founder, GreenGen

Chris Hare, CEO, PRTI

Yuri Horwitz, CEO & Co-Founder, Sol Systems

Jen Jenkins, Chief Sustainability Officer, NCX

Randall Kempner, Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute, Energy and Environment Program

Karen Knutson, Vice President & General Manager, Government, Chevron

Kevin Lander, Managing Director & Region Manager for Greater Washington, D.C., JPMorgan Chase

Jack McDougle, President & CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade

Tom Michael, DC, MD, & VA Market Executive and Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

Allison Saegh-Fleming, Executive Director, Green Economy Banking Team, JPMorgan Chase

Michael Schaffer, Editor-in-Chief, Washingtonian

Taylor Wright, VP, Operational Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase

Thank you to JPMorgan Chase for supporting this gathering.

Thank you to our vendors: Occasions Catering, and MJ Valet.

People talking
Kevin Lander and Tom Michael of JPMorgan Chase, and Jen Jenkins of NCX
People talking
Chris Hare of PRTI, Yuri Horwitz of Sol Systems, Michael Schaffer of Washingtonian and Bradford Dockser of GreenGen


2 people smiling
Kevin Lander, Jack McDougle of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Tom Michael, and Susan Farkas of Washingtonian
Allison Saegh-Fleming of JPMorgan Chase and Jen Jenkins
People conversing at a table
Bradford Dockser and Taylor Wright of JPMorgan Chase
Roundtable participants engaged in conversation around ESG practices
Picture of someone smiling
Amanda Eversole of American Petroleum Institute
Someone at the table speaking
Scot Case of NRF and Jack McDougle
Person speaking while participants listen
Yuri Horwitz and R. Denise Everson of ThinkBox
Jen Jenkins, Allison Saegh-Fleming, Yuri Horwitz, and R. Denise Everson

Photos by Kristoffer Tripplaar