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PHOTOS: Beyoncé Concertgoers Pull Out Best Looks, Rain or Shine

DC's BeyHive did more than win the Mute war, they dressed to the nines.

PHOTOS: Beyoncé Concertgoers Pull Out Best Looks, Rain or Shine
Outside the Beyoncé concert at FedEx Field, August 6, 2023.

Beyoncé took over DC this past weekend for two nights of the Renaissance World Tour. The 24th stop of 39 cities, the BeyHive traveled from all over the country to Landover’s FedEx Field for the Renaissance experience. 

Queen Bey’s fashion choices have been one of the highlights of her dynamic shows everywhere from Paris to East Rutherford. It was only right that fans matched her energy. Metallics, cowboy hats, sparkles, and sequins were consistent among concertgoers. Many took the opportunity to push the boundaries of fashion, freeing the nip, over-accessorizing in silver jewelry, and sporting extraterrestrial, oversized shades. As rain poured down Sunday night, we spoke with guests about their style choices for the evening and what they were most looking forward to ahead of the show.


Poppa Balenciaga, from New Orleans, Louisiana; James Garçon, Maryland; Asia Coleman, Maryland

A Beyoncé concert veteran, Balenciaga feels at home in their look. “I came to get cozy, to be comfortable in my skin,” they said.


Erina Gillmore, DC

“I’m looking most forward to experiencing this with my daughter!”


Justin Pagan, New Jersey, and Ronnie Costello, New York

“I’m kind of sad because of the rain,” said Pagan as a FedEx Field staffer yelled “we are in a shelter in place! If you have your car, please return to it” through a bullhorn. “I hope it doesn’t get cancelled, we drove down today for this.”


Alexis Mcdonald, Maryland

“I wanted to do like Barbie Renaissance–BeyHive Barbie, if you will!”


Arminta Crosby, DC

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the outfit changes,” said Crosby. “I saw Beyoncé when she was here at the Ravens’ stadium ten years ago so this probably will be my last Beyoncé concert because I’m older. This is my last time doing it big like I’m doing it so I’m really excited and this is my first time going with a date!”


Corey and Clark, DC


Khori Mcgee, Maryland

“I’m ready to see the outfits. I know she’s about to bring me something and I’m ready to hear the vocals and choreography.”


Maria Orense, San Diego, California

“We flew out here yesterday,” said Orense. When asked what brought her to DC specifically, “You know what, we actually were initially going to Pittsburgh but it got cancelled so we picked to DC,” she said. “Anything for Beyoncé!”


Destini Williams, Maryland

“I went to the Boston one but I had to come back for her birthday,” she said, referring to a friend and fellow concertgoer.


Aly Vlassis, and Allison and Anniee Shaney, Virginia



“It’s Renaissance, I had to look the part!”


Tyrenna Tolbert, Maryland

“I went to the concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and that helped me understand the assignment so I had to come back with a bang.”


Marcus Pollard, DC

“Nobody else is doing it like Beyoncé. I mean singing, dancing for that long, the stamina, is just crazy. It’s an experience,” said Pollard.


Cece, Ranita, and Mariah, Virginia

“You don’t half-step when you come to see Beyoncé, period,” said Ranita.

Essence Wiley
Editorial Fellow