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Grooming the Groom: Skin-Care Tips for Men

Your wedding day isn’t the time for scruff. Five essential products for his skin.

By Douglas Bair Image via Shutterstock.

Skip the 5 o’clock shadow and the itchy-scratchy kisses and keep your face hair-free on your wedding day. Trust us, you’ll look better in the pictures without the scruff—and keep your mother-in-law happy, too.

Caution: a quick scrub and a shave minutes before hopping into the limo to the church will not cut it. Instead, incorporate these five products into your daily facial regimen a few weeks before the big day so your skin gets used to the process. We wouldn’t send you to the altar looking anything less than your very best (clean-shaven) self.

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He’s Taken!: 12 Engagement Rings for Men

“Man-gagement” rings are the latest wedding trend. Check out a few of our faves.

By Dori Zweig

You may have heard of manscara, murses, and manscaping—but now there’s a new man on the block: the “man-gagement” ring. Whether for same-sex couples looking to tie the knot or for a guy wanting to match his bride-to-be, engagement rings for men are all the rage. It’s not always easy to find that one special ring, be it diamond-studded, hammered gold, or a classic Tiffany design. Check out the slideshow for some of our favorites, then tell us what you think of the trend in the poll below.


Wedding Style: Don’t Forget the Men

Your groom and his crew will benefit from these helpful tips courtesy of Bonobos.

By Yelena Moroz Alpert
Bonobos Guideshop in Georgetown. Photograph courtesy of Bonobos.

Pass this on to your fiancé: Bonobos, the once online-only retailer, recently set up a Guideshop boutique in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley (right across from Kafe Leopold). The intimate space, staffed with expert fashion advisers, should probably be on your radar since it offers not only discreet, one-on-one sartorial assistance but also loads of wedding-day options. From beachside casual to cosmopolitan formal, there are pants, ties, shirts, and suits (like this gray cotton twill number, $425, which also comes in navy and khaki) to fit any nuptial mood. Those getting hitched this summer and still on the hunt for suiting should look into the new featherweight seersucker ($564 for a three-piece suit).

He’ll want to bring the groomsmen, too—let them choose from one of Bonobos’ playful ties (from $68). Setting up an appointment pays off; the staff at the Guideshop will even order in the party’s favorite beer, and offer a discount of 15 percent on clothing orders of five pieces or more. And no doubt your guy will like the extra attention.

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15 Cool Gifts for Groomsmen

Guy gifts for your men of honor.

By Irina Grechko

While the bride and groom are—and should be—the focus of the wedding day, you can’t forget the other men in the wedding party: the groomsmen and best man. Treat them to something they’ll not only appreciate but actually use, well past your first wedding anniversary. Whether your party is made up of sci-fi fans or whiskey connoisseurs, we have 15 great gifts for every personality type. 


Take the Cake: How to Choose a Groom’s Cake

Leslie Poyourow of Fancy Cakes by Leslie dishes on what makes these sweets a great addition to a nuptial celebration.

By Erin Keane Scott
A groom's cake, made to resemble a fish. All photographs courtesy of Fancy Cakes by Leslie.

After 17 years of creating off-the-wall sculpted cakes for parties and weddings (be it a bushel of “crabs,” or a 3D version of a groom’s college mascot), Leslie Poyourow of Fancy Cakes by Leslie has learned a little something about how a personalized design can add character to a wedding or rehearsal dinner. We chatted with her about trends, choosing a theme, and how to surprise your groom with a cake that’ll make his day.

Tell us about some of the craziest groom’s cakes you’ve done.

I’ve done so many cakes it becomes a blur. One that was memorable was for a stockbroker—we did this huge bull holding a stock in his hand. Some of the mascots are really funky. I did one this weekend that looked like a tree; it was the Stanford mascot. Another one I remember was Georgia State, which was a dog sitting on ice. I guess the dog sits on ice because it’s so hot there.

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