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Drybar Launches a Line of Hair-Care Products and Tools

Find shampoos, brushes, curling irons, and more from the chic blowout-only salon starting in March.

A few of the Drybar-branded styling products that will be on offer. Image courtesy of Drybar’s website.

We Washington ladies were ecstatic this summer when the California-born Drybar made its way to our city (which, according to founder Alli Webb, was her “most requested” location). We didn’t think it was possible for the 37-year-old stylist turned businesswoman to wow us any further, but she has, with—ready for this?—a Drybar product line.

Think brushes, curling irons, clips, and, of course, hairdryers, designed using Drybar’s signature yellow and gray palette. Also in the collection are shampoos, styling creams, and other treatments for your DIY blowout needs (though, even with the best products, we’re not sure our novice skills could produce a half-decent Cosmo, let alone offer us a cup of hot peppermint tea and a viewing of Bridesmaids).

As is the case with Drybar’s menu of hairstyles, each product is named after a drink: “half pint” is a round, one-inch ceramic brush; “full pint” is a two-incher. There’s also a post-blowout treatment oil, “100 Proof”—a little bit of the stuff goes a long way.

The chic yellow tools ($15 to $190) are available for purchase on Drybar’s website, and the remaining products are in preorder phase. The entire line will be on shelves at Sephora and in Drybar salons in March. Stay tuned for reviews.

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