Confirmed: Nordstrom Rack Opening at 1800 L Street

After a year of emptiness, the massive corner space will soon be filled.

By: Diana Elbasha

Since the Borders at 1800 L Street, Northwest, closed last year, we’ve kept a watchful eye on the 35,000-square-foot space—just a block away from Washingtonian’s HQ—to find out what would take its spot. It’s been a while, but much to the excitement of Shop Around (and the dismay of our bank accounts), the rumor we reported in June has been confirmed: Nordstrom Rack will be our new neighbor.

We’re hopeful the discount retailer will enjoy a better life than Filene’s Basement, the similar concept that once existed less than a block away from the upcoming Nordy’s but closed in 2011. The huge store, which offers designer clothing and accessories at deeply cut prices, is slated to open this spring, though there’s no word yet on exactly when. Renovations began in October, but so far the empty space hasn’t shaped up to much. We’re keeping an eye out; stay tuned for updates on the progression of our new lunch break spot—er, shopping destination.