Expert Advice: How to Take Your Makeup From Office to Out in 5 Steps

Makeup artist Nicki Soedjiman spills his secrets.

By: Michelle Thomas

Nicki Soedjiman. Photograph by Joy Asico.

You know you’ve been there: It’s Friday, late afternoon. You’re headed out for the evening, and your look has certainly seen better days—but there’s no time for a complete makeup redo. Now what? We asked Nicki Soedjiman, Luigi Parasmo Salons’ newest makeup guru, to share a few of his best quick-change tips to instant glam. And he delivered: Read on for five super-easy day-to-night makeup tricks you can do in under ten minutes—even right at your desk.

1) Fake a wake-up: “After a long work day, you’re bound to look a little tired. Deflate under-eye bags with a moistened Q-tip (never dry, as the fibers can irritate your eyes and cause your makeup to run).”

2) Create a blank slate: “If you use liquid or cream foundation, apply with a sponge and blot excess end-of-day shine with a Kleenex. Those who prefer lighter makeup may want to use mineral powder; it’s a great way to brighten your skin tone before going out. Top with a warm, bronzy powder or cream blush on the apples of your cheeks.”

3) Add some drama: Start with a liner, then add a bit of dark shadow. “Every woman should own a black or dark brown eyeliner pencil. It’s easier to apply than liquid liner, and these dark shades guarantee a dramatic boost at the end of a long day. Start from the outer corner, stop in the middle, smudge and complete with one or two coats of mascara,” says Soedjiman. “Trade day-friendly mauve shadows for charcoals and pewters; these versatile shades, matte or frosted, look great with any complexion and eye color. Highlight under the arch of your brow with a subtle ivory shade, nothing too white or frosty. Fill in your brows with a pencil to give them better definition.”

4) Gloss it up: “The key lip accessory for going from day to night? Clear gloss,” Soedjiman says. “You can layer this over day or evening shades—a great way to save money on shine. If you’re wearing darker eyeshadow, try a pale pink lip. If your eye makeup is more muted, go for bold, bright and jewel lip tones.”

5) Switch up your scent: “Always refresh your fragrance, but trade floral daytime scents and lighter eau du toilettes for more concentrated perfumes with amber or musk undertones.”