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January 1995 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – 100 Very Best Restaurants

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No Turning Back Paul Johnson looks at American history and finds good things in the future. But he finds the media guilty of seven deadly sins. By Ken Adelman.

Coming Attractions Local books and authors you may be talking about soon. By Melanie Rehak.

Rising Starr Ken Starr has built a dazzling career. But will Whitewater sink his dream of sitting on the Supreme Court? By Kim I. Eisler.

Better Than Sonny? Slingin' Sammy Baugh, the greatest Redskin ever, is still cussing, spitting, and telling tales. By Dennis Tuttle.

Washingtonians of the Year People who have made the city a better place to live. Long may they shine. By Leslie Milk and Marilyn Dickey.

The Gang That Beat Disney The behind-the-scenes story of the surprise attack that sent Mickey Mouse packing. By Larry Van Dyne.

The Best & Worst of the New GOP Here are the big Republican guns, newcomers to watch, fun couples, smart people, and other winners and losers around town.

Drawing Blood Peter Steiner's cartoons are the work of a fiendishly clever and creative mind. By Diana McLellan.

"God's Got to Be Crying" Christian Prince was at Yale, enjoying every day of his life. Dunc Fleming was a ghetto kid, going nowhere fast. Late one night their lives intersected for one deadly moment. By Geoffrey Douglas.

100 Very Best Restaurants The finest dining in Virginia, Maryland, and DC–plus 1995's hottest newcomers. By Robert Shoffner, David Dorsen, and Thomas Head.

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