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March 1995 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – The Nanny Generation

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Rx: Optimism For a cancer researcher, one weapon is hope. By Ken Adelman.

The Third Man In Colin Powell, voters may have a real choice. By Victor Gold.

Losing Weight: What Really Works A yo-yo dieter finally finds a winning combination for losing weight–and keeping it off. By Leslie Milk.

Amendment Time Did our founding fathers create a perfect constitution, or did they expect us to change it with the times? By John G. Kester.

The Nanny Generation Teens look back at the good and the bad of being raised by a nanny. Plus–how to find the right child care. By Laura Elliott.

Tangled Webb Webb Hubbell had it made in DC, but back in Little Rock, there was money trouble. By Kim Eisler.

Back on Their Feet When artists break a leg, this doctor can help. By Karen Eisenberg.

Prime Time Allen Iverson was in jail before he finished high school. Now he's bringing Georgetown basketball back. By Larry Van Dyne.

Spy Lady Intelligence officer Diane Snyder is very high-tech. By Leslie Milk.

Silly Boys Under editor Andrew Sullivan, the golden age of the New Republic seems long ago. By Andrew Ferguson.

"He's Stalking Me!"–One Woman's Story Not all stalkers are ex-lovers. Many women are followed by a stranger. And then it gets very scary. By Suzanne Darny.

Playing Around An acting troupe that comes to you. By Penny Pagano.

Amazing Things Vets Can Do for Pets In the new high-tech world of veterinary care, dogs are getting new hips and cats are getting CAT scans. By Salley Shannon.

Day of the Living Dead How not to get into the foreign service. By John Niemeyer.

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