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September 1996 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Fall Weekends

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Capital Comment


Where & When

Keeping Faith Laszlo Berkowits didn’t ask “Where was God?” after his time in German death camps. The Falls Church rabbi thinks a more useful question to ask about the Holocaust is “Where was man?” Interview by Ken Adelman.

Fall Benefits Calendar

Mr. America Author and political columnist Michael Barone knows trends, and he knows voters. So where does he think the nation is going? By Diana McLellan.

Crazy Days at Yale With Hillary and Bill A Yale Law School classmate of the Clintons takes us back to the days of Black Panther protests and white linen tablecloths. Yale law students were happy then, and why not? They were the smartest kids in America. By Ben Stein.

Washington’s Favorite Painting We know them as images in a famous work of art. But to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, they were his friends. Here are the stories of the men and women the artist portrayed in his “Luncheon of the Boating Party.” By David Stewart.

Picking America’s Best Colleges Some academics give it failing grades, but U.S. News’ annual ranking of America’s best colleges is the 800-pound gorilla of higher education. By Larry Van Dyne.

Catherine’s Song Catherine Armstrong is almost 16, and she wants people to understand that she’s just a normal kid, born without eyes. By Taisie Berkeley.

Best of the Bench Local courts are the first step in our system of justice, and judges are the people who make it work. Here are the area’s 30 best judges–and a few who aren’t. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Fall Weekends Easy trips to see fall foliage, visit wineries, play golf, shop, hike, bike, and picnic. Plus gourmet dining in the countryside, train rides in the mountains, and a nice new lakefront inn. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Dining Guide Dupont Circle’s Best Restaurants

Dining Out Clyde’s of Chevy Chase, Dolce Vita in Fairfax

What’s New in Restaurants

Cheap Eats Anette’s BBQ Heaven in Fairfax, Bangkok Street Grill and Noodles in Falls Church, Sunny Garden II in Potomac

Luxury Homes

First Person Lost but Found on Metrorail